Civil Rights Litigation
Civil Rights Litigation

To Attorney Barrie L. Goldstein, “justice” is not an abstract concept. It is at the core of our
democracy , and when justice is denied to an individual, it is as tangible a loss as any amount of money. That’s why for over 30 years, and in scores of cases, Ms. Goldstein has been an unwavering advocate for those who have been discriminated against or who have been denied rights guaranteed to them under the Constitution and the law.

Giving a voice to those who may be facing the intimidating reach and resources of the government, law enforcement, or large corporations, Ms. Goldstein’s vast experience in civil rights matters and constitutional issues is matched by a passion for ensuring that her clients have their day in court and are vindicated in the face of discriminatory or oppressive conduct.

A civil rights lawyer who treats each client with the respect and compassion they deserve, Attorney Goldstein handles any matter that implicates civil or constitutional rights. From representing wronged parties in a class action involving discriminatory civil service tests, to protecting the rights of seasoned workers facing age discrimination, to true “David v. Goliath” cases such as her
successful intervention on behalf of mothers who were about to lose their children solely because they were victims of domestic violence, Ms. Goldstein stands ready to stand up for those who need help.

Ms. Goldstein brings her passion for justice and aggressive advocacy to civil rights, discrimination, and constitutional matters including:

  • Employment discrimination/Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • Claims under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of religion
  • Right to privacy
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Interference with parental rights
  • Due process of law
  • Equal protection of the laws
  • Discrimination in public accommodations
  • Discrimination in schools, colleges, and universities
  • Discrimination in the sale or rental of housing
  • Discrimination in zoning
  • Takings of private property (eminent domain, land use restrictions)

Ms. Goldstein has earned a reputation among clients, colleagues, and adversaries as a tenacious but civil advocate, committed to achieving the best possible result for her clients with integrity, creativity, and professionalism. With her use of cutting-edge technology and the lower costs that accompany her small town location, Attorney Goldstein can offer the highest level of representation with increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

To discuss your complex litigation issues, give attorney Barrie Goldstein a call at (917) 767-7761 or fill out her online form to arrange for your free, confidential initial consultation.