Appellate Advocacy
Appellate Advocacy

When the End of the Trial Doesn’t End Your Matter

Often, litigation doesn’t end after a jury’s verdict or a judge’s decision. When a party appeals from the results of a proceeding at the trial level, the case enters a new phase that requires experience and a skill set manifestly distinct from that required when initially presenting a case before a trial judge or jury.

Many exceptional trial lawyers do not handle appeals themselves. Not only may they be unfamiliar with appellate procedure, applicable standards of review, or the requirements for written submissions, they may lack the fresh perspective that is often necessary when a case reaches the appellate stage. While a lawyer may be a master at cross-examination, the ability to deftly parry the rapid-fire questions of an appellate panel, or the craftsmanship required for a persuasive appellate brief might be elusive.

Attorney Barrie Goldstein: A Meticulous Approach to Appellate Advocacy

Attorney Barrie L. Goldstein understands what is required of a successful appellate lawyer, having handled scores of complex and novel appellate case work in state and federal courts over the past 30 years. Honing her appellate advocacy skills almost from the day she was admitted to practice law, Ms. Goldstein takes a meticulous approach to each appellate matter she handles. Reviewing and gaining an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the trial record, she identifies all issues and errors that can support a remand or reversal of the trial court’s decision or, alternatively, develops a powerful defense of the trial court’s conduct and reasoning.

The Power of the Written Word

Nowhere in the law is the ability to craft a persuasive written argument more important than at the appellate level. So much of the outcome of an appellate court’s decision depends on the ability of an attorney to logically and clearly articulate the reasons that the court should rule in her client’s favor. Ms. Goldstein’s powerful writing has distinguished her appellate work, focusing the court’s attention on the issues that matter and the law that supports her cause, while thoroughly and methodically rebutting opposing arguments.

Put On the Spot and Staying on Point

During a trial, the attorneys are rarely on the receiving end of pointed questions coming from the bench. Not so at the appellate level. An appellate lawyer may have prepared the most compelling oral argument ever, but if they lack the agility and quick-wittedness to respond to an appellate judge’s intense and often skeptical questioning, credibility can be hopelessly lost.

Ms. Goldstein prepares relentlessly prior to appearing in a court of appeals, anticipating potential lines of questioning and formulating responses to have at the ready. If the judges appear to be drifting away from the matters most germane to her argument, Ms. Goldstein can calmly and respectfully recalibrate their focus. The courtroom poise required of an appellate lawyer isn’t developed by accident, or through reading the rules, or on the fly. It is a quality that only comes from years of standing before appellate court judges, understanding their thought process and knowing what to expect.

Whether it be for existing clients or for other attorneys and parties seeking extraordinary appellate advocacy, Ms. Goldstein stands ready to leverage her extensive and varied appellate court experience on their behalf.

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