About Barrie L. Goldstein

Barrie Goldstein (BIO)
Attorney Barrie L. Goldstein’s legal career has been one of depth, complexity, and success. Whether working for the federal government or the state of New York, in private practice or as an advocate for children, Ms. Goldstein’s tenacity, sophistication, and litigation talents have earned her the trust of clients and the respect of colleagues. Ms. Goldstein graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Syracuse University in 1971 and earned her law degree with honors from The National Law Center at George Washington University in 1974. Upon leaving law school, Ms. Goldstein spent the first five years of her career at the Civil Division, United States Department of Justice, through its Honors Program. While there, she defended complex regulatory schemes, including housing, renegotiation of government contracts, civil rights, and two-tier price controls on domestic and imported oil. Ms. Goldstein successfully defended the National Flood Insurance Program against a constitutional challenge brought under the takings clause of the U.S. Constitution.

After leaving the Department of Justice, Ms. Goldstein began litigating commercial cases in the private sector with a New York City law firm. Thereafter, she joined the Office of the New York Attorney General as Special Litigation Counsel where she served for 13 years. In this capacity, she handled unique and complex matters involving many diverse issues such as the regulation of prescription drug prices under Medicaid, civil rights, bankruptcy, and intergovernmental disputes. While at the Attorney General’s Office, Ms. Goldstein represented New York in the well-known Farmland Dairy litigation in which New York barred a New Jersey milk dealer from the New York market.

Ms. Goldstein returned to private practice in 1995. She handled a $20 million lawsuit involving control of a Connecticut office building. The matter was first arbitrated, then litigated in New York State Court, and finally was resolved before the federal district and bankruptcy court in Connecticut.

For close to five years, Ms. Goldstein served as a Director of the Special Litigation Unit of the Juvenile Rights Division of the Legal Aid Society. She acted as lead counsel in a landmark decision involving the constitutionality of removing children from their mothers when the mothers themselves were victims of domestic violence. The matter was litigated in the federal trial and appellate courts and, ultimately, in the New York State Court of Appeals.

In addition to her admission to the New York and Connecticut bars, Ms. Goldstein is a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court and several federal district courts and courts of appeals. She has over 30 reported decisions that reflect the depth of her experience.

Ms. Goldstein has been honored on many occasions throughout her career. She received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Attorneys General in 1989 and in 1992 for representing 30 states in asbestos litigation. In 1995, she received the “Chairperson Extraordinaire” award, again for her work in asbestos litigation. The New York County Lawyers’ Association recognized her exemplary pro bono contributions when it awarded her its “CLE Program Chair Award.”

She is a participant in The Federal Bar Council, as a former co-chair of the organization and a former member of its Program Committee. She belongs to the Connecticut Bar Association and the Litchfield County Bar Association. Ms. Goldstein has also written on the subject of the inequities in the financing of public education.

Since opening her office in 2008, Ms. Goldstein has represented clients in Section 1983 civil rights litigation, employment law, appellate matters, complex family law matters, and commercial disputes.