Complex Commercial and Civil Litigation
Complex Commercial and Civil Litigation

When a dispute between businesses or individuals makes its way to the courthouse steps, that usually means that the problems which drove a wedge between the parties are complex, the positions and beliefs that each side holds have hardened, and acceptable solutions have to date been frustratingly elusive.

Complicated litigation challenges or disputes involving unique legal or factual issues are not for every attorney. Many lawyers have never set foot inside a courtroom, and even good trial lawyers can find themselves overwhelmed in the face of high-powered opposition or matters that extend far beyond their experience or capacity. Those shortcomings can lead to less-than-optimal results and excessive costs. With so much on the line, choosing the right litigation representation is a critical decision that needs to be made with great care.

With an unmatched depth and breadth of complex litigation experience, attorney Barrie L. Goldstein provides highly sophisticated legal counsel to businesses and individuals needing an attorney who understands their unique needs and knows how to develop and implement a strategy that achieves their goals.

It is rare to find a lawyer whose passion for the law is matched by the skills, insight, and deep understanding of the art of trial practice that is required to make the law work for their clients. Barrie Goldstein has earned a reputation for exceptional advocacy that is not only a reflection of her successful record, but also speaks to the level of preparation, study, and tenacity she brings to each matter and each client she has the privilege of representing.

Just a glance at the kinds of cases that Ms. Goldstein has handled reveal that there likely is no dispute, no legal question, or no amount at stake that is beyond her purview.

Anyone who has been involved in lengthy and contentious litigation knows that victory can be Pyrrhic if the excessive costs of legal services diminish or negate the value of those services. Attorney Goldstein brings over 30 years of New York City litigation experience to small-town Connecticut, allowing her to provide the highest level of representation without the high costs that accompany a Manhattan office.

Whatever the litigation matter, whether in Connecticut, New York, or beyond, attorney Barrie Goldstein stands ready to craft personalized solutions, provide sound counsel, and deliver results.

To discuss your complex litigation issues, give attorney Barrie Goldstein a call at (917) 767-7761 or fill out her online form to arrange for your free, confidential initial consultation.