If you are facing a complex litigation challenge, you don’t just need a lawyer; you need a trial lawyer. If the issues involved are multifaceted, nuanced, or novel, you don’t just need an experienced advocate; you need a staunch ally who brings a creative, sophisticated, and passionate approach to your representation. For over 30 years, Attorney Barrie L. Goldstein has provided discriminating clients in New York, Connecticut, and elsewhere with exceptional litigation representation that combines legal acumen with a commitment to personal service.

A Wealth of Experience. A Reputation for Excellence. A Record of Success.

From her offices near New Milford, Connecticut, Attorney Goldstein assists clients with contentious or high-stakes litigation matters that require a level of skill and judgment not easily found. A former trial attorney at the U.S Department of Justice and Special Litigation Counsel for the New York State Attorney General, Ms. Goldstein’s practice is focused on sophisticated and unique matters involving:

Attorney Goldstein has earned a reputation among clients, colleagues, and adversaries as a tenacious but civil advocate, committed to achieving the best possible result for her clients with integrity, creativity, and professionalism. A lengthy and diverse track record of successfully resolved cases is further testament to her abilities and achievement for her clients.

Barrie Goldstein: Personalized and Efficient Advocacy

Understanding that behind every case there is an individual with their own unique issues, concerns, and goals, Ms. Goldstein takes the time to listen to her clients and prides herself on compassion, attentiveness, and personal service. In turn, clients trust Ms. Goldstein to provide them with straightforward, practical counsel that they can rely on to make informed decisions about how best to resolve disputes.

Attorney Goldstein has purposefully kept her practice small enough to allow her to be accessible to her clients whenever they need her or have a question they need answered. By limiting the number of cases she takes on, Ms. Goldstein can focus all her skills, attention, and energy on the clients she has the privilege to represent. Establishing her practice in small-town Connecticut after decades of practicing in New York City means that her clients receive the sophisticated and experienced counsel they need at rates well below those of lawyers maintaining pricey Manhattan offices.

Barrie Goldstein

To discuss your complex litigation issues, give Attorney Barrie Goldstein a call at (917) 767-7761 or fill out her online form to arrange for your free, confidential initial consultation.